About Me - Deep Blue Iris Photography

HI! I'm Leanna. Here's some quick and basic information about me. 

-Blessed beyond deservedness 

-Proud wife of thirteen years to an amazing man, who happens to be a Marine

-Mom to two amazing children; they have taught me the meaning of joy 

-My photography company is named for my favorite color and for the joy I get when looking into my family's eyes. 

-Auburn University graduate - War Eagle!

-Auburn University/SEC football fan - War Eagle!

-Exercise enthusiast - my favorites are lifting heavy, HIIT, and dancing

-Speak with a bit of a Southern accent

-My car tag has an Auburn logo and a Bible verse - Isaiah 40:31

-Not a morning person

-Listen to contemporary Christian music most of the time, with some Latin dance mixed in

-Love podcasts, specifically Kevin Leman, Elevation Church, Metabolic Effect, Family Talk

-Have three dogs and love them

-Have moved seven times in thirteen years

-Love NOVA!

-We don't have cable, but I binge watch Netflix when editing photos

-Love people 

-I look for beauty everywhere I go; the gym, the kids' school, the grocery store, Target, etc.  A person's facial expressions tell so much.

-Bucket list includes doing a Tough Mudder, doing another dance recital (as an adult), training a diabetic alert dog, and learning to wind surf. I may be too old for some of these.  

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